About Us

Kingo Referrals is a dynamic and innovative Marketing Agency located in Downtown Toronto dedicated to providing warranty new clients to businesses in Ontario through our Marketing Partners. We believe in leveraging social media and referral partnerships to create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with our audience. As we continue to expand our reach, we seek ambitious and goal-oriented individuals to join our team remotely.

Becoming a Marketing Partner involves selecting one of the products offered by licensed agents on our platform. Each product has a different processing time, with the quickest and easiest option being Financial Services.

Requirements for Becoming a Marketing Partner

Each marketing partner must become a client of one of the products on our platform. However, our Financial Services product is the fastest and easiest way to start earning commissions. Alternatively, if they do not choose a product, they must pay $500.00 for their Marketing Partner link.

Marketing Incentive for Juniors Marketing Partners.

When a junior marketing partner joins our program, they will automatically receive a $100 marketing incentive in their first month, even without any personal referrals.

Marketing Incentive for Marketing Partners

A Marketing Partner will receive a $100 marketing incentive to promote their business for six months once they have at least three qualified personal referrals (approved clients).

Policy Cancellation and Marketing Partner Status

If a marketing partner cancels their insurance policy, their affiliate link will be automatically deleted. Consequently, the marketing partner will stop earning referral fees from both personal and network referrals.

Earning Network Referral Fees

Marketing partners can earn network referral fees as long as they have three active, qualified personal referrals.

Marketing partners earn $100 for each personal referral and $20.00 for each network referral.

Attaining Master Marketing Partner Status

Marketing partners can achieve Master Marketing Partner status by securing five qualified personal referrals (approved clients).

Attaining  Grand Master Marketing Partner Status

A Master Marketing Partner can advance to the rank of Grandmaster by acquiring 10 qualified personal referrals. (approved clients).

Invitation and Application Process for Marketing Partner Position

 Any candidate for the Marketing Partner position must receive an invitation or be referred by an active Marketing Partner through their personal affiliate link. The candidate Marketing Partner will then apply by agreeing to become a client.