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Kingo Referrals

Marketing Partner

Marketing Partner

Title: Marketing Partner. 

Position: Permanent. 

Type: Part-Time / Full-Time. 

Compensation: Referral fee-based. 

Average Monthly Compensation: $1,000 - $20,000+ 

Location: Remote (Work from home).

Important note:

Becoming a Marketing Partner involves selecting one of the products offered by licensed agents on our platform. Each product has a different processing time, with the quickest and easiest option being Financial Services.

On our website, go to Become a Client select the Financial Services product, and fill out and submit the insurance questionnaire to receive products tailored to your needs. Our basic plans start at $100 and provide comprehensive coverage for your entire family, if applicable.

Our Insurance offerings include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Final Expense Insurance

Company Overview:

Kingo Referrals is a dynamic and innovative Marketing Agency located in Downtown Toronto dedicated to providing warranty new clients to businesses in Ontario. We believe in leveraging social media and referral partnerships to create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with our audience. As we continue to expand our reach, we seek ambitious and goal-oriented individuals to join our team remotely.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us.

When you click "Add to Cart, " no charge or card payment is required to complete your order.

How to Join Kingo Referrals and Start Earning with Unlimited Potential!

Join Kingo Referrals, where joining is straightforward, and the earning potential is limitless. Our financial marketing incentives program makes the entry practically cost-free. Here’s how it all works:

Six Ways to Earn Money with Kingo Referrals.

Every time you bring a new referred client you will earn a personal Referral fee based on the rank you have achieved as a Partner. For achieved ranks, Referral fees are as follows:

  1. Junior Marketing Partner is: $100
  2. Marketing Partner is: $100
  3. Master Marketing Partner is: $150
  4. Grand Master Marketing Partner is: $200
  5. 10 Levels Network Referral Fee: Earn $20 per referral down to 10 levels.
  6. Marketing Incentive: $100.
  1. As a Junior Marketing Partner (JMP) you will receive a Marketing Incentive Bonus of $100 paid to you during your first month.
  2. As a JMP you can become a Marketing Partner (MP) by Referring 3 Qualified Personal Referrals (QPR).
  3. As an MP you can become a Master Marketing Partner (MMP) by Referring to at least 5 QPR.
  4. As a MMP you can become a Grand Master Marketing Partner (GMMP) by Referring to at least 10 QPR.
  5. As a Marketing Partner you will earn $20 for network referral up to a downline level 10.
  6. As a Marketing Partner you will receive a Marketing incentive Bonus of $600 paid to you in 6 installments of $100 for 6 months.

Unlock Substantial Earning Potential

Kingo Referrals offers a simple yet effective way to achieve financial success through a multi-tiered marketing partner program. Our initial incentives are just the beginning—here's how you can continue to grow your earnings well beyond the first six months:

The Core of Kingo Referrals: Unlimited Earnings

When you join Kingo Referrals, you're stepping into a world of potential that extends deep through a structured referral system. Here’s what makes our program particularly compelling:

Initial Incentives:

  • Marketing Incentive: As a new partner, you'll receive $100 in your first month, with an additional $600 distributed over the subsequent six months. This ensures that your initial involvement is essentially without cost, as it covers the monthly business expenses necessary for qualification.

Our multi-tiered earning structure allows you to build an extensive network, where earnings increase exponentially as you and your team grow. Our program is simple and unique, as a Marketing Partner you must refer only a minimum of 3 clients and each of your 3 referred clients does the same as you by becoming a Marketing Partner themself with 3 referred clients each.

If your frontline of 3 referred clients along with all the new Marketing Partners in your Downline can refer only 3 clients in 30 days, your Level 1 in the chart below will be your first-month earnings and your Level 2 will be your second month's earnings and so on up to Level 10 which will be your earnings in month 10. If you and each new Marketing Partner in your downline refer only 3 clients within 30 days, your Level 1 earnings in the chart below will be your compensation in your first month, and your Level 2 will be your compensation in the second month, and so on, up to your Level 10, which will be your compensation in the tenth month.

The following chart below is for illustration purposes only and does not guarantee specific earnings each month. Your earnings will depend on the growth of your network when you qualify as a Marketing Partner by referring at least three clients. Your actual earnings may be higher or lower than the potential shown below. 

  • Marketing Partner (MP): $300
  • MP - Level 1: $180
  • MP - Level 2: $540
  • MP - Level 3: $1,620
  • MP - Level 4: $4,860
  • MP - Level 5: $14,580
  • MP - Level 6: $43,740
  • MP - Level 7: $131,220
  • MP - Level 8: $393,660
  • MP - Level 9: $1,180,980
  • MP - Level 10: $3,542,940

Each Level represents an expansion of your direct and indirect network of referred clients. As you recruit new Marketing Partners and they do the same, your influence—and consequently your earnings—expands dramatically. This structure is designed not just to reward you for your direct referred clients, but to benefit from the indirect referred clients in your growing network that stems from your efforts.

What do you have to do to start earning a part-time or full-time income as a Marketing Partner?  

  1. Become a Junior Marketing Partner (sign up for our program)
  2. Sign up for Financial Services Product (Become a Client with a $100/mo. product)
  3. Create Your Kingo Referral Account
  4. Promote your Link (online or offline)
  5. Become a Marketing Partner (3 qualified personal referrals)

How to Become a Marketing Partner: 

    1. Sign Up for Free: Visit and click "Become a Marketing Partner." Registration is free, with no credit card information required. Once you join, you become a Junior Marketing Partner (JMP) and receive a Marketing Incentive Bonus of $100 as soon as your insurance application has been approved and in place. As a JMP you can become a Marketing Partner (MP) by Referring 3 Qualified Personal Referrals (QPR).
    2. Sign up for Financial Services Product: To become a Kingo Marketing Partner, one of the required steps is to enroll in a financial services product. Kingo simplifies this process for you:
  • Choose Your Product: Navigate to the top menu bar, click on "Become a Client," and select "Financial Services Product." Options available include life insurance, critical illness insurance, final expense insurance, or mortgage insurance, starting at just $100/month.
  • Marketing Incentive: To help you start building your business without any initial financial burden, Kingo offers Marketing Partners (You must have 3 referred clients) a $100/month marketing incentive for 6 months. This incentive is designed to completely cover your initial marketing expenses during your first 6 months while you build a solid business, making your entry into the program effectively free.

This approach ensures that you can focus on growing your Kingo business in the next 6 months without worrying about out-of-pocket costs during the crucial early stages.       

 3. Create Your Kingo Referral Account: You will receive an email after completing step 1 (please check your Spam or Junk folders) titled: Please Create Your Kingo Referral Account. Click the: Sign-up Invitation button in the email and proceed with the registration. Once your Kingo Referral account is created, you will have access to the tools and resources in your dashboard to track your progress. You can have access to your link, view your commissions, manage your referrals, and optimize your marketing strategies for maximum success.    

4. Share and Grow your Business: After completing step 3 You will have access to your referral link in the Kingo Referral Account (please personalize your link by clicking Setting and typing your First and Last Name inside the box located under Personalize Link). To start earning commissions and building your network you must Share your unique link with friends, family, and potential clients to introduce them to Kingo Referrals. Each time someone becomes a Client through your link, you earn a commission. Additionally, as your network grows, you'll benefit from the activity and referrals your network members generate, increasing your earning potential. 


Foundation of a Sustainable Business Network

The requirement for obtaining at least 3 qualified personal referrals to become a Kingo Marketing Partner is a strategic component of the Kingo Referrals program. This requirement serves several important functions that help ensure the health, growth, and sustainability of the business network for all participants. Here's a detailed explanation:

  1. Ensures Commitment and Engagement: By requiring each participant to bring in 3 qualified referrals, Kingo Referrals ensures that each new member is genuinely committed to the program. This commitment is crucial for building a robust and active network where each member is actively contributing, rather than merely participating passively.
  2. Promotes Network Growth: The requirement to secure 3 referrals helps create a multiplying effect within the network. If each member successfully introduces three new members, the network grows exponentially, significantly increasing the overall reach and impact of the referral program. This growth is not only beneficial for the company but also enhances the potential earnings for each member.
  3. Builds a Foundation for Earnings: By establishing a baseline number of referrals, Kingo Referrals ensures that each marketing partner has the initial network size necessary to start earning meaningful compensation. This baseline helps stabilize income potential across the network, giving new members a tangible goal and a clear path to start earning.
  4. Enhances Support and Training Opportunities: With each member bringing in at least three referrals, there is a built-in opportunity for mentorship and support. More experienced members can guide new members through the process, helping them become effective marketers themselves. This peer support is invaluable in maintaining high engagement and activity levels within the network.
  5. Encourages Quality Over Quantity: The emphasis on 'qualified' referrals means that members are encouraged to focus on the quality of their referrals. This ensures that new members who join are likely to be active and productive, which is crucial for the long-term health and profitability of the network.
  6. Duplication for Scalability: The requirement mirrors a fundamental principle in network marketing: duplication. By duplicating the effort of securing 3 referrals, each member's actions contribute directly to the scalable growth of the business. This duplication process is key to rapid and sustainable expansion, helping the network to widen and deepen continuously.

Strategic Implications

This strategic requirement underpins the success of the Kingo Referrals program. It ensures that all members are actively contributing to and benefiting from the network's growth. By fostering a proactive, engaged, and rapidly expanding community, Kingo Referrals maximizes the potential for all members to achieve significant financial success.

In conclusion, the requirement for 3 qualified personal referrals is not just a threshold for entry but a strategic tool designed to foster a dynamic, committed, and thriving business environment that benefits all participants. It is a fundamental part of ensuring that the Kingo Referrals program remains sustainable, profitable, and continuously growing.

Why Kingo Referrals Stands Apart

  • Zero Net Cost: The cost associated with Becoming a Marketing Partner is fully covered by our marketing incentives, making your participation effectively free.
  • Exponential Earning Potential: With our structured referral tiers, your earnings can grow exponentially, offering the potential for significant long-term income.

Join Kingo Referrals today and transform your financial future. Start building a rewarding career that not only meets but exceeds your financial goals. Embrace the opportunity to expand your network and unlock new earnings as you climb through the ranks of our multi-tiered system.

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