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Kingo Referrals

Online Business Builder

Online Business Builder

Kingo Referrals Inc. 

Online Business Builder Agreement. 

 Agreement between Kingo Referrals (Company) and Online Business Owner (Partner). 

1. Agreement between The Company and The Owner.

  • The Company will agree to build an Online Business in exchange for a one-time premium of CAD 1,500.

  • The Company will guarantee the one-time premium of CAD 1,500 as a 100% RISK-FREE in which the online business will generate a minimum of CAD 2,500 in 12 months.  

2. Total Online Business premium of CAD 1,500.

  • The Online Business owner will pay upfront  CAD 1,500 on the agreement's effective date.

 3.  Payouts distributions. 

  •  The Online Business’ profit will be generated and deposited into the Kingo Referrals Online Business owner’s account in which the owner will have access to the funds at any time.  Payments will be made through e-transfer sent to the email registered on the Business Owner’s account up to $3,000 and when payments exceed $3,000 payments will be made through bank direct deposit.

4. The Business Owner will have the right to request the Total one-time premium of CAD 1,500  at any time (30 days' notice) before 12 months.

  • The total premium of CAD 1,500 will be returned to The Business Owner with $0 profit at the time of withdrawal if the commitment period of 12 months hasn't been fulfilled, therefore at the time of withdrawal, all the profits paid to the owner will be deducted from your Total one-time premium at the time of your withdrawal. 

  • The Online Business Builder service agreement will be cancelled and your Partner Account Link will no longer be active.

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