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Financial Services

Financial Services

Protect your family's future with ease and peace of mind. From easing the burden of final expenses to providing financial support during critical illnesses and ensuring long-term stability with life insurance, we've got you covered. Become a client today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected.

The primary purpose of this Financial Services product involves acquiring any following products below based on your insurance needs with a basic plan starting at $100 - $150 for multiple coverage for your whole family if applied. 

- Life Insurance 
- Critical Illness Insurance 
- Final Expense Insurance

There are 5 steps to have in mind and complete to Become a Marketing Partner:

  1. Fill out the Financial Services Questionnaire: proceed to fill out the Insurance Questionnaire and Click the Summit Questionnaire button.   
  2. Insurance Quotes: Based on the information provided in the Insurance Questionnaire. The Financial Consultant will then send you 3 Insurance quotes via email or text for you to choose from. These quotes may include options for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Final Expense Insurance.
  3. Choosing your Insurance Coverage:  Before your insurance application is summited you must confirm by email or text which insurance coverage you are choosing out of the 3 insurance quotes you will receive.
  4. Electronic Signature: After you have chosen your insurance coverage, the Financial Consultant will arrange a time with you either through a call or text to collect your electronic signature required by the insurance company to complete the final step of your insurance Application.
  5. Insurance Approval: You most likely will be approved within 1-2 weeks after submitting your electronic signature to the Insurance Company and your first Monthly Premium will be withdrawn on the date you have selected. 


General Information:

Marketing Incentive: 

When a marketing partner provides information of the spouse in the Insurance Questionnaire, the spouse will be included under the spouse rider. A single personal incentive will be granted to the marketing partner. However, if both partners desire an incentive, they must each have their own policy.

Chargeback Policy:

Chargebacks occur within 24 months of the insurance issue date and will only affect the business referral fee of the specific insurance policy in question within the network.


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